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Brazil - a dream of a travel

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Why Brazil? Coffee, samba, and soccer – the fifth largest country in the world has far more to offer than clichés. Brazil is the most popular South American travel destination. The country has the largest area of rain forest worldwide. Rio, with the Copacabana and the Sugar Loaf Mountain, stands for flamboyant and exotic vacations like no other city.

Moreover, with over 7,000 miles of coastline, Brazil boasts some of the world's most stunning tropical beaches. This South American beach destination offers year-round sunshine and soft, white sands. In fact, Brazil's obsession with its beach culture even gave rise to the exotic 'tanga" or thong bikini in the 1960's. Be prepared to see lots of beautiful, bronzed and scantily clad bodies sporting the famous Brazilian bikini on its countless beaches. Made popular by vacationing actress Brigitte Bardot, Brazil's beaches have since become a hot spot for dedicated sun-worshippers and people-watchers.

But there is more in Brazil! Accessibility to the Amazon rainforest and exciting nightlife is an added bonus. Carnaval, the world's biggest party, happens around February every year, and is not to be missed! While the best beach weather is from March to May and September to November, the South American summer is at its hottest from December to February. With so many beaches to choose from, you're sure to discover one that satisfies your desires.


Bonito - Discover this magical destiny


Known internationally for its natural beauty, Bonito is a small town in Mato Grosso do Sul, which calls the attention to the number of natural attractions, friendly people and stunning natural scenery.

The city, which now receives thousands of domestic and foreign tourists, is rich in waterfalls, crystal clear waters, where ecotourism and adventure tourism are explored in environmental awareness and responsibility.

Among the tours that stand out are snorkeling, walking trails and waterfalls, scuba diving, bird watching, boat trips and buoy-cross, among others.


Iguassu Falls - One of nature's 7 wonders


The word Iguassu means “large water” in the Tupi-Guarani etymology. The cascades are formed by the falls of the Iguassu River. The Iguassu River measures 1,200 meters in width above the falls. Below, it narrows into a 65 meter channel. The total width of the waterfall in the Brazilian territory is approximately 800 meters and 1,900 in the Argentinean side. The average flow of the river is about 1,500 m³ per second, ranging from 500 m³/s in times of drought and 8,500 m³/s in times of flood. The largest volume of water occurs between the months of October and March.

There are 19 main falls. Five of them are on the Brazilian side (Floriano, Deodoro, Benjamin Constant, Santa Maria and União). The rest are on the Argentinean side. Since most of the falls are on the Argentinean side and facing Brazil, the best views are for those who observe the scene from the Brazilian side.


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